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3rd Quarter Simultaneous Earthquake Drill 2023

3rd Quarter Simultaneous Earthquake Drill 2023

On September 7, 2023 at about 2:00PM, personnel of this station led by PMAJ MARK ANTHONY L SAN PEDRO, ACOP conducted 3rd Quarter Simultaneous Earthquake Drill 2023 along with FInsp ARVIN AGUSTIN, BFP, Sir CJ Rivera from MDRRMO and Rescue Team.

Phase 1-Start of Siren/bell indicated the earthquake/shaking. Phase 2-Response when shaking is to duck, cover and hold under desks, tables or chairs. Phase 3-Evacuate when shaking stops, proceed to triage area immediately. Phase 4-Assembly to designated triage and must be in group. Phase 5-Head Count of all office personnel Phase 6-Evaluate the drill and inspection of building to identify the problems encountered during earthquake .

Said activity aimed to enhance and define the set of actions to be carried out during and after the occurence of an earthquake.

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