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Municipal Nutrition Office

Recommend local policies, formulate measures and coordinate efforts to operationalize/ implement the constitutional provisions and national government policies relative to population and development and the promotion of responsible parenthood.

Provide orientation and technical assistance and support to the mayor, sanguniang, government agencies and instrumentalities, Non-Government organizations and other sectors towards the integration of population and development concerns in the development planning and sustainable development efforts.

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The eNutrition website is the data warehouse of the National Nutrition Survey (NNS) providing electronically accessible information on individual's growth and body composition, biomarkers, food and nutrient intake, health and other related indicators which are useful inputs in crafting and/or reviewing policies and programs on food, nutrition, health, agriculture and social services.


Food & Nutrition Research Institute

We are committed to provide products and services in food and nutrition to all stakeholders in accordance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements with the highest standards of quality and reliability within our capabilities and resources to plan and implement actions to address risk and opportunities, and to continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS at all times.


Nutrition and Dietetics Division Services

A premiere Nutrition and Dietetics Division that provides optimal nutrition care with the highest standard of quality in foodservice and clinical nutrition to patients / patrons / hospital personnel and other partners.

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