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COVID-19 Update

LGU Angat

COVID-19 Update July 21,2022

New Covid-19 Cases: Covid Case # 2324 (Brgy. Sulucan)

Newly Recovered Covid Cases: Covid Case # 2306 (Brgy. Encanto) Covid Case # 2309 (Brgy. San Roque) Covid Case # 2310 (Brgy. San Roque) Covid Case # 2311 (Brgy. San Roque) Covid Case # 2314 (Brgy.Donacion) Covid Case # 2315 (Brgy. Niugan) Covid Case # 2323 (Brgy. Sulucan)

Total Active Cases 9 Total Recovered Cases 2191 Total Death Case 124 Total COVID Cases 2324

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